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Doctor Who Celebration Convention

Today I went to the final day of the Doctor Who 50th Celebration Convention at the Excel centre. With none-other than my good companion Nancy (Who plays Daisy Bucket in Doctor Who: Regenerated

A long day, as Nancy will testify. A day of wonderful stuff, lots of beautiful props and costumes and dedicated people.

Lots of famous back room-boys and girls from the show’s history walking up and down corridors from one venue to the next (Sound engineer Dick Mills and I shared a moment as he came out of the Green Room as Nancy and myself queued for our picture with Matt. I heard him jokingly say to his aide how he was off to get his make up done in preparation for whatever interview/talk he was about to give. I caught this and laughed to myself, he passed by, stopped and looked back smiling say “‘oo said that?!” I laughed and waved back. 
Simple uneventful stuff but good fun.

Lots of explosions, fezzes, music, laughter. Just a jolly good time.

A quote from the day came from Matt. “Sir, I’m urinating”, as he retold the circumstances of the oddest location he’s been asked for an autograph. It being at a urinal at an awards do.

Matt was clearly exhausted and I can understand.
The photo Nancy and I had with him was uneventful in itself. Hurriedly done to accommodate others, as one would expect.
As I left I quickly said “I’m really going to miss you.” which seemed to really touch him. 

A lovely lovely day, and one which just reflected how and why I adore Doctor Who.
Its charm, its silliness, its heart(s), its ingenuity. The daftest, silliest programme in the world makes it to 50 years as Moffat put it this evening.
I’m glad. The daft and the silly are so important. 

  • 24 November 2013
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