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-Good grief, so much attention for one signed photo, and so many new followers.

Hello wherever you are!

I feel compelled however to warn you of the inevitable disappointment you shall experience following me as I struggle to be even distantly interesting at best.-

Anonymous said: Hey, who turned out the lights?

You ruddy Vashta Neradas have been nicking my lightbulbs again haven’t you? 

So I got home and this was waiting for me.
I had written to Mr. Capaldi back in April to wish him a happy birthday and sent along a couple pictures of some sculpted and drawn bits and pieces. I got a pre-printed photo and the standard “We are afraid Peter is really very busy and can’t reply to his fan mail at the moment” letter a few weeks later, which to be honest I expected and yet was slightly deflated.
Then I return home today and find a curious envelope addressed to me in rather squiggly handwriting from BBC Cardiff.With trembling and excited fingers I tore the seal open with a letter opener and this was inside. I am even more in love with this man and can’t wait to see him in action.
Thank you Peter, you are a gent.(I also believe he wrote the address on the envelope. A nice touch)

I wanted to try something a smidge different (only a smidge mind) and so have tried to capture the wonderful expression on Capaldi’s face as he struggles to clamber from his miraculously shrinking TARDIS whilst filming the new series of Doctor Who.

I don’t know if I 100% managed to capture him or not but I like it and it was done with Super Sculpey, so it goes to show you CAN get good detail from what is usually treated as a clumsy and low detail holding clay.

Bit of a warm up exercise. A little Chlöe Howl appeared.

La Roux

This took about two and a bit days to make.
Super excited about her new album “Trouble in Paradise” coming out later this month.

A series of sketches and caricatures I did whilst on my Trip to Italy…

I’m pretty happy with how they function and some took considerable amounts of blood and tears to work. 

Anonymous said: Hey your sculpts are amazing! Do you ever sell any of them?

Hey! Oh you’re too kind. Well, I do indeed plan to sell some of them in the near future (Life gets in the way y’see), its just a matter of deciding which ones to offer or which ones people would want. 

Three little quick fire sketches.

First being Rik Mayall who rather shockingly died earlier in the week and has since had me crying with laughter everyday whilst rewatching his superfluous work.
The second is Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald from Doctor Who and the third Richard Wilson as Victor Meldrew from One Foot in the Grave.

If you flick through all three really quickly, it looks like the progress of a pair of eyes slowly getting closer to each other. Made me laugh anyway.

I don’t imagine many will notice nor be amazed by this, but I felt compelled to upload at least the Rik scribble. 

Mr. Grumpy Eyes