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squaggler said: Your sculpture of Capaldi is amazing omg

Why thank you :)

It isn’t finished yet either. So watch this (Time and) Space….

Something I’m working on to mark the start of Series 8 of Doctor Who on the 23rd of August. 

So recently I’ve been working on a little bust of Wallace and Gromit for my cousin who’s about 9 years old.

I haven’t sculpted these chaps for well over 4 years and coming back to them has felt like a wonderful catch-up with the past.

They’re possibly my oldest friends and sculpting them when I was a kid were my first tentative steps into sculpting. I owe them a lot I suppose.

Anyway, I wanted to make this for my cousin as a spontaneous gift (Because I like to spoil her) but it turned out a little too big for my liking and unfortunately Wallace’s arm cracked during the baking process, plus there were a few other minor minor issues that make me uncomfortable with gifting it to someone.
Damaged goods and all that.

Plus Wallace seems a little….distant, and Gromit appears to be thinking “Please…please help me…”

Anyway, I’ve been talked into keeping these two and shall make a smaller, better version later in the year or not as far as that as a Christmas gift for her.


This Is Not Bowie.


A few weeks ago we announced that BBC America would be displaying Doctor Who fanart at the BBCA booth at San Diego Comic Con. We received an outstanding number of awesome submissions from Whovian artists and featured some on BBC America’s video cube! Which looked something like this: 


(Actually it looked exactly like this) 

Here’s a slideshow of all the Doctor Who fan art that was chosen to be featured. Unfortunately the music needed to be removed from the video, but maybe if we all sing doo-wee-ooo~ at the same time we’ll all be able to hear it!

A sculpture of mine, as seen at the San Diego Comic Con (get me)
(The one on the right. The one with my name)

Pleased as punch to reblog this, as I rarely reblog stuff.

I frankly never expected to see pictures of it being displayed. 
Wonderful indeed and thanks for the opportunity. 

So I’ve been umming and ahhhing over this one for probably well over a week now.
I wanted to give sculpting Clara a go.
Annoyingly I don’t think I did the sculpt justice, it came out a lot rougher than I originally wanted but still I think its not *that* bad.

I think I *almost* managed it, almost.

It isn’t helped by the fact she’s not an easy thing to photograph either.

I’ve become fascinated with the horse-like expressions Peter Capaldi pulls and wanted to try another one. I thought the semi-translucent quality of the Super Sculpey worked nicely as I sculpted it and so tried a much lighter painting technique. Keeping the paint to an absolute minimum. 

I think it paid off somewhat.

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You ruddy Vashta Neradas have been nicking my lightbulbs again haven’t you?